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If you lost traffic & sales after a website redesign, experts are here to help.

Just don’t let bad trends become big trends…


the traffic drop → initial drop in search traffic → delayed drops in other channels → fewer new subscribers → fewer new followers → less revenue to cover fixed costs → more dipping into emergency funds

the sales drop → initially not terrifying → maybe it will go away → (it doesn’t) → revenue-per-visitor is down → less competitive on paid search & social → more dependent on organic traffic (and luck) → working harder for lower profits

Are either of these starting to sound familiar? If so, let’s nip them in the bud!

There are reasons to be optimistic.

Let’s look at the bright side.

Your site generates a ton of data. Clues, if you know where to look.

And your old site made sales by doing some things right. More clues.

If you take those clues and analyze them systematically, your odds of success can only go up. So that’s what we do… build systems for analyzing redesigns.

We’re ready to hit the ground running.

When sales are falling, there’s no time to waste. That’s why we don’t just build our systems to be thorough. We tune them to give answers quickly.

Here’s how:

  • It starts with a spreadsheet. A really big spreadsheet, with hundreds of rows for processes and observations. Within moments of hiring us, we go line by line, checking your site for errors and improvements. We make other observations along the way, but this keeps things moving forward.
  • Next, the diagnostic reports. Within moments of connecting to Google Analytics, your data flows into dozens of finely-tuned dashboards, with bright colors for numbers that are out of range. From there, we can create custom reports per your setup and situation.
There’s still a lot of research and analysis, but by automating what can be automated, we can speed up the search for your lost revenue.

Ready to recover? Let’s talk.

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What happens after you contact us?

Good things.

We’ll fire up our trusty tools and spreadsheets to get a feel for what’s happening. Maybe even find some quick wins.

Within 24 hours—same day, if possible—we’ll contact via your preferred method.

From there, we can collaborate on a plan of attack.

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