Don't risk a website redesign that ignores profitability.

People Ignoring Data

Are you ready for the dirty secret of website redesigns? Most people involved are not considering your business.

Here are the hard truths of life, as they relate to redesigns:

Designers often:

  • favor novelty over user needs or expectations
  • ignore details that can help or hurt sales
  • don’t test their assumptions vs. reality

Developers often:

  • aren’t interested in what happens outside of coding
  • are actively disinterested in sales & marketing
  • code what they know, not what is best 

Salespeople often:

  • enough said…

Agency Owners often:

  • want to put out fires and keep clients happy
  • are paid for happiness at launch, not after
  • won’t risk fighting too hard for future ROI

What does all this mean for you?

  • Risk that must be minimized upfront.
  • Risk that must be managed at every step in the process.

Reduce risk by working with the end in mind, and embracing a digital marketing mindset.

Many designers (and agencies) operate with the assumption that pretty = successful. But plenty of pretty sites have slashed sales and caused chaos.

So if you’re responsible for results, you quickly move beyond this mindset.

Especially if you’ve ever had to help a site recover from a bad redesign.

It’s not that pretty designs are bad. Far from it. You want a site that conveys credibility. But a site’s sales depend on far more: search rankings, site speed, and hundreds of things that help or hurt sales. That’s why agencies need design, development and digital marketing—no exceptions.

If you don’t know how design decisions can influence sales, you’re flying blind. But as you make these connections, it influences how you design future websites.

If you have ambitious goals and want a site designed with those goals in mind, contact us and let’s begin the process.

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